Pickering, Ontario, Canada
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ci gusta! is a brand conceived to bring Italian artisanship to the rest of the world with a range of high quality foods, an efficient service and a typically friendly taste.
These values are the fruit of the experience of years in this sector and a passion for innovation and research that will be able to satisfy even the most refined palates.
ci gusta! A concept on everyone's lips!

We were looking for the idea of a place where the comfort of living in a space marries the pleasure of healthy, home-made tastes, a sweet mix of relishing life and feeling you belong to a real community of taste. And this is why "ci gusta!" was created: a franchise with the aim of being a window not only onto the desires that satisfy foodies, but also a space where you can find a kindred spirit. "ci gusta!" is the winning key of the work of taste artisans, innovative strategies, young creatives and designers who have helped create an easily exportable Italian concept.

The quality of the products, a cutting-edge vision well supported by captivating communication and a strongly identifying image, as well as the passion in popularising high-level products made in Italy is only the first step when your objective is a chain of major successful realities. To give the world an Italian experience that is out of the ordinary, capable of including savoury dishes such as soups together with custards and puddings as well as the delights of the finest Italian gelato
"ci gusta!" The Italian food experience."

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