Franchising is a great way to replicate tried and proven business concepts. Yet many excellent businesses prospects for franchising find it difficult to deploy in other territories or countries.

This happens because there's just not enough time in the day to run their business and also package the business for duplication, set up an efficient and cost effective franchise sales and real-estate group, especially internationally and not because of any lack of commitment.

The Franchise X-Perts and consultants have worked with a variety of clients and have successfully deployed franchise systems in Canada the U.S. and Australia.

  • Cigusta
  • Planet DVD
  • Cafe2U
  • PLANIT Real Estate
  • Jumbo Video
  • Signarama Canada
  • Rent A Green Box and more!

TFX has been able to harness the resources and guidance from the parent company franchisors to replicate their success off shore in Canada. The modus operandi is: “if it is not broken, don’t fix it”.

Fuelling this growth in franchising is the desire by many to rewire rather than retire from their current profession or career and to start their own businesses. This growth is being also fuelled by New Canadians eager to get into a franchise as a way of establishing themselves in Canada. We like to call them Intrepreneur’s

An Intrepreneur is a person who has Entrepreneurial skills but works best within a Franchise system.  Intrepreneur’s, by definition, embody the same characteristics as the Entrepreneur, conviction, passion, and drive. If the Franchisor is inclusive and supportive they succeed.

So what is a Franchisee or area developer looking for in a Franchise before deciding to invest in that system? Well at TFX we believe that:
Franchisees join a network because they want to be part of a successful organization and part of a highly motivated TEAM.  Because there is NO “I“ in TEAM in a successful Franchise both the Franchisor and the Franchisee should be working TOGETHER for the benefit of EVERYONE because by working together as a  team all involved will ACHIEVE MORE .

Franchisees are also looking for a Franchise system with SPIRIT one that has SPIRIT:

S – Proven                   SYSTEM
P - Ongoing                PROFITABILITY
I - Recognized Brand    IDENTITY
R - Recurring              REVENUE
I  - Financial               INVESTMENT
T - Continuous           TRAINING

Taking into account the significant revenues being generated from this sector and the ability of Franchising to satisfy the growing numbers of the aging population and new Canadians eager to start their own business, the entrepreneur interested in a work life balance and independent operator seeking a competitive edge make the franchising sector in Canada an ideal platform for an established, well managed and successful franchise offering.