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Strategic BrandingLive Your Ultimate life…NOW! STRATEGIC PRESENCE---Do YOU have it?Do you know what your brand tells others about you?  Tony  Jeary  is  a  Results  Strategist,  Thought  Leader,  and Author of a dozen  books related to results; Tony has coached the world’s top CEOs, leaders and entrepreneurs for  20 years and  shares  best  practices  and  processes  in  compressed timeframes where others can accelerate their wins. Most  people  do  not  have  strategic  clarity  between  their  brand  and marketing and sales approach.  They miss a lot of leverage because of that. Tony has developed a marketing audit that compresses into hours  what  would  take  ordinary  organizations  and  entrepreneurs many  weeks  to  complete.   This  audit  is  broken  down  into  11 categories and covering 126 different tools. From a sales perspective, Tony will show you how to link branding/ marketing with a concept called “pitch mastery” which enables you to on a much more strategic level.  Some of the templates involved include:   PROJECT TIMELINE to define the whole picture  PLAYERS MATRIX to define people involved  PRESENTATION MATRIX to grasp all presentation opportunities  TOOLS Matrix to define tools to build  WHAT-IF’s MATRIX to prepare for all possibilities The details, categories, and organization of each section will be more than you expect and allow you to bring your personal and professional life more into focus, guiding you to many great results in all areas of your life. A day working on Strategic Branding/Marketing  will help you develop real  clarity  about  your  brand,  marketing  and  sales  efforts  and  how these interests to work together to bring credibility and value for you. Enjoy the journey of living…starting today! For more information on how you can participate in this dynamic life-changing event, contact Ross Lightle or call 250-253-2543. Experience Tony Jeary’s  Strategic  Acceleration  Studio on his estate in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex. High achievers from all over the world come to  access decades  of  best practices and  an  arsenal of tools to help individuals get results faster. The Branding Exercise Focuses on: 1. Strategic definition of your BRAND2. Defining what makes you UNIQUE3. Define parameters and PRIORITIES on how you operate4. Define your PROSPECT base5. Define Internal/External BARRIERS so you can break roadblocks6. And much more… What Others Have Experienced "I feel 10 years smarter. Listening to what you had to say, and processing what I heard, will have a lasting imprint on how I interact with people and approach strategies and tasks. Just brilliant stuff.” - Mark Snow, HRD Press "Thanks for letting us into your world so generously. It was inspiring to experience the day with you. Your family is very fortunate to have you as a father, a husband and a son.” - Reagan Cheng, Designing Your Own Life, Mastermind, attendee "You are a true Master. We have seen and worked with the best. We received extreme value from our day together…the best investment we have made in years.”- Keith & Sandi Cunningham, Keys To the Vault "I  swear I got more mileage from the money I spent with you than probably any money I've ever spent. I'm still using the tactics years later. - David Lesh, EO Board Member “Tony helped me personally and my organization to clarify what’s important and increase my tempo. I needed to align my business vertically from vision to daily task.”- Mitchell Allen, Entrepreneur